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Friday, 10 February 2012

Spice Substitutions

Ever wondered what to do when you don't have the right spices for a recipe?

There are so many different spices and herbs to choose from and almost impossible to have access to all of them at any given point in time. Some spices have such unique flavour that they cannot really be easily substituted (like turmeric and saffron) with another spice but here are some that can be replaced if you don't have exactly what a recipe calls for. Even if a recipe doesn't call for it but you want to be a little daring, I've put together a few tips for using these spices in an easy and everyday way!

1. Cumin <=> Ajwain seeds
Sprinkle these over vegetables before roasting

2. Red Chile <=> Cayenne

Add a little to rice or a tomato salad for that extra bit of kick!

3. Nutmeg <=> Mace (sweeter and milder than mace)

Pairs well with the sweeter fruits so great in a smoothie or shake.

4. Cinnamon, Cloves Nutmeg & Black Pepper in equal parts <=> Allspice

An easy home-made BBQ rub for chicken, steak, and lamb.

5. Garlic Powder <=> Asafetida  

Just a little to add to soups, stews or curries.

Remember: Spices need a home too!