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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Buy Local, Buy Organic, Buy Online!

Over the past year or so, we have personally seen an increase in the number of sustainable online grocery delivery companies that have listed the Spice Sanctuary spices. Coming from the UK, online grocery shopping is quite a tried and tested phenomenon and it is so exciting for me to see that growing in Canada!

The emphasis here, though, is on these companies offering locally grown or sourced, organic and sustainable produce, groceries and more. It is changing the mindset of the consumer from driving to the grocery store or multiple stores if one store does not carry everything to having it all delivered to you. It has never been easier to support local farmers, local producers, Canadian brands and eat more sustainably and healthier. Check out these five reasons to eat local below (while our spices may not be grown in Canada, our Farm to Pantry and Best Grade Promise means these reasons also easily apply to our products).


The Organic Box,, Green Earth Organics, On The Move Organics, Peacefull Pantry, Farm Box, Eat it by Vitahealth all carry and offer our organic spices and blends but more importantly, they are all stewards and shining examples of where the natural food retail industry is heading in Canada.