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Monday, 25 August 2014

10 Back-To-School Spices & Herbs for Lunchboxes

Looking for inspiration to make the kids' lunchboxes more interesting and varied? Want to start introducing your kids to spices in their meals? Want to aid their digestion and boost the antioxidants in their meals?

We've put together just a handful of suggestions on how to incorporate spices more into your kids' diets and make their lunchboxes so delicious they'll come back empty every day!

Sandwich Spreads



  • Flavoured Water with fresh Mint & Cucumber
  • Mango smoothie with a hint of cardamom
  • Fresh pressed Pineapple Juice with black pepper
  • Orange juice mixed with a little ginger and nutmeg

There you have it.. at least 10 spices and herbs you can easily use to tasty up your children's lunchboxes!