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Friday, 30 December 2011

Resolutions to Make, Keep & Not Break!

Happy New Year!

Most new year resolutions either require you to stop doing or do more of something so how can we stop breaking our resolutions?

2012 will be the first year that I have made a concerted effort to make resolutions that I won't just drop before I have even kept to them! I recently read a tweet from BootPrintMarketing which inspired me to make this exercise of new year resolutions much more realistic and driven by what is important for me to do than what I should or ought to do.

So, I have split out my resolutions in five generic categories:

Home & Leisure

Within each of these, I have resolved on a few generic goals and the idea is that each week, I will endeavour to do something towards achieving these goals in each of the five areas of my life. Entwined with this will be the practice of gratitude and mindfulness (being in the present).

The common theme for my resolutions across all areas is "connections" whether it is making them, finding them, keeping them, enhancing them or just being aware of them.

Here is a glimpse into my resolutions for Work to help Spice Sanctuary thrive this coming year.

1. Connect with people

Our customers are so important to us and one thing I learned from my time at the market was people getting to know the face behind Spice Sanctuary made a huge difference. To transform my former much more introverted self to someone people can connect with has been a huge personal growth for me and having lovely customers has helped that a lot! With the launch of our online store, I hope to be able to connect with many more people and I also plan to increase our presence at local events, community classes and markets and to build more B2B relationships.

2. Connect with my calling

As it is becoming increasingly clear to me, my calling is to encourage, educate and spread the word about the power of spices! This is a pretty tall ask but this will continue to stretch my imagination and skills. Other than through my cooking classes, I am finding this blog and social media is a really good medium to spread the word! So, look out for more spice related posts and if you like them, please share them!

3. Connect with great causes

There is an overall branding I am intent on creating for Spice Sanctuary and that includes supporting environmental and charitable causes. On the former, I have resolved to investigate and if possible, implement some carbon offsetting strategy this coming year. On the latter, locally, I am on the board for Healthy Canmore and beyond that, we are excited to be working on launching our very own fundraiser. This fundraiser is going to be a great way to get people to include more spices in their diet and at the same time help children in need somewhere in the world. A child's life is so very innocent and very precious and as the future of this world, something that Spice Sanctuary wishes to support more. More details to come on this soon!

Now I've put it out there, I have to keep to my resolutions! 

Whatever you resolve for 2012, I wish you a spice-filled one!

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