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Friday, 23 March 2012

A Spice A Day in May

One of my resolutions for the new year for Spice Sanctuary was to organize a fundraiser and so here I am posting a blog about it! Usually fundraisers involve some physical challenge and a lot of commitment. I wanted this fundraiser to be simple yet effective in not just raising money for a good cause but to promote my mission, which is to encourage people to incorporate spices more into their daily lives. I also wanted it to be something your friends and family across the country could get involved in. So here it is, a fundraiser that involves eating, is healthy for you and easy to commit to!

How does it work?

1.   Anyone resident within Canada can participate*. One entry per person.
2.   A donation of $10 per entry together with a valid email address will apply.
3.   Donations can be made via cheque or online**. Please let us know if you wish your donation to   go to only one of the two chosen charities, otherwise your donation will be split equally between the two.
4.   Upon receipt of the donation, we will email you a calendar for May.
5.  Throughout the month of May, you will need to complete the calendar with the names of the spices you consume each day.
6.   To be eligible for the prize draw, there must be at least one spice eaten and logged everyday during the month.
7.   Please email us back your completed calendar(s) by no later than June 10, 2012.
8.   The prize draw will take place on June 11, 2012.
9.  Prizes will be given for the entry with (a) the highest number of spices consumed throughout the month (this can include the same spice multiple times and use of a spice blend will equal 3 spices) and (b) the most amount of different spices used. Where there is a tie, a draw will take place for these prizes.
10.  There will also be a prize draw for all other entries.
11.  Prizes include:
·       Gift certificate for Fairmont Hotels
·       Spice Sanctuary Hamper Box
·       Rocky Mountain Soap Company Gift sets
·       Yoga Accessory from EmbodyActive Pilates
·       Chocolate treats from Le Chocolatier
*If you live outside of Canada, you can still participate but you will not be eligible for the prize draw.
**online donations only available once our store website is live.

Our contribution

1.     We will donate an additional 15% of all donations received for each charity.
2.     We will provide support throughout the month on recipe ideas.

Two worthy causes

This year, we are supporting the following two charities:

Child Haven International

Child Haven International is a Canadian based charity providing homes for orphans and impoverished children in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh. The children are raised to the highest ideals of their own local cultures and religions. Non violence is taught and lived. Child Haven also strives to improve the condition of women through training, employment  and sometimes legal and medical aid. To find out more about this charity, please visit:

Dream a Dream

Dream a Dream is an Indian based charity founded in 1999. Its mission is to empower over 3000 children from poor socioeconomic backgrounds with critical life skills through sustainable engagement in sports, creative arts, IT skills, mentoring and adventure camps.

For more information on this charity, please visit:

For any questions or to enter, please email us:

We really hope you can help us raise us much money as possible!


  1. Hi Trusha
    I would love to join the May promotion. How do I get my money to you - can give it at the next NEW event or send in mail. We use spices a lot in our cooking so would be fun to track it. I'm leaning towards dream a dream foundation.

  2. Excellent! I will send you an email with the details. Thanks Beth!

    1. Hi Trusha,
      I think I was over my limit with my email - have cleaned it up - your email was one that didn't get through so do you mind sending it again.